About Us

Our Goals
We here at Revolution are dedicated to providing CycloDS Evolution users with a wide range of useful downloads and services.

We strive to mirror every stable and beta firmware for CycloDS within hours of its release, and to provide email notifications to those that don't have the time to keep checking the TC forums.

Our aim is also to provide one of the largest and most unique skin collections on the Internet for CycloDS owners, worthy of rivalling the popular NDS Themes. By focusing on just one flashcart we believe that we can achieve this.


At the moment, the website is operated by myself (leiger) and a small group of members that have either contributed to the website or help to moderate the content on these pages.

If you have made a skin for the CycloDS, or want to provide a useful FAQ or other resource to the CycloDS community, then please, join the website today and help us out! :)

We need your help!

At the moment our major focus is on skins for the CycloDS Evolution. However anything and everything is welcome, and you can help by making suggestions or creating a page and adding content as you see fit. We would also appreciate it if you could write a short FAQ for us on a topic that isn't yet covered.

You'll need to be a member for all of this, and you can easily become one of those. Just have a look at this page for more information.


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