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This is a simplified view of the old blog, which will no longer be maintained. Instead, I will just use news feeds instead.

1: Skin editor18 Dec 2009 07:41 (18 Dec 2009 07:41)
I intend to create an application for managing skins. I know that many already exist, including this one by ste123 on the Team Cyclops forums — which is mainly the reason I'm doing this before anything else… so I have something to work from.

2: Deleting pages06 Dec 2009 12:40 (06 Dec 2009 12:40)
Any new skin is automatically tweeted about within an hour of it being added to the site. This caused a problem today when a new skin only had a description, but no actual files or screenshots.

3: Small bugfix13 Nov 2009 01:50 (13 Nov 2009 01:50)
Download links for the Other Downloads section did not work. The reason was that after copying and pasting code from the skin section (which is designed almost the same way), I forgot to change the way the download links were created to account for the differences in the two sections of the website.

4: Permissions changed for Apps section07 Nov 2009 03:14 (07 Nov 2009 03:14)
Thanks to MrMicx for letting me know about this problem. The applications section of this website has a section that allows people to suggest homebrew or PC apps so that others can use them for their CycloDS.

5: Everyone can edit member pages03 Nov 2009 04:42 (03 Nov 2009 04:42)
I've just relaxed the permissions on member pages. Now, anyone that is a site member (it's easy to join) can edit all other user's pages linked to from the List of Site Members.

6: Firmware pages updated26 Oct 2009 01:06 (26 Oct 2009 01:06)
The template for the firmware pages has been updated, so that firmware information, comments and download links are in separate tabs on the page. This allows for a much simpler interface.

7: Beginner's FAQ19 Oct 2009 03:02 (19 Oct 2009 03:02)
I'm going to work a bit more on finishing the FAQ for first-time CycloDS Evo users when I have time. If anyone else feels like adding to it, go right ahead. You should have the permissions to do that already (let me know if you don't)

8: Membership made easier19 Oct 2009 02:53 (19 Oct 2009 02:53)
Anyone can now easily join the website just by entering a password (which can be found on the registration page). If they forget to create a Wikidot account first, it will take the user through the process of doing that after they've typed in the password.

9: Doing some housecleaning04 Oct 2009 03:40 (04 Oct 2009 03:40)

10: New method of logging in02 Oct 2009 03:36 (02 Oct 2009 03:36)
You may have noticed that the create account and log in procedure has changed slightly, to make things easier. If you're always logged in, log out now to have a look! :)

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