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This is a simplified view of the old blog, which will no longer be maintained. Instead, I will just use news feeds instead.

1: Oh, how I hate this downtime30 Jul 2009 07:36 (30 Jul 2009 07:36)
I'm not allowed to say anything bad about TC - and they don't deserve it either (quite the opposite, in fact) - but I do have the right to complain about their website/forum hosts. So I will.

2: Google Wave30 Jul 2009 01:53 (30 Jul 2009 01:53)
I've just put in a request to test the new Google Wave, and am hoping it will be approved. To find out more, visit this page.

3: Small redesign for skins upcoming27 Jul 2009 05:59 (27 Jul 2009 05:59)
I have a small redesign planned with the way skins are shown on their pages. I'm not sure if it will improve the upload process, but my thoughts at the moment are that it probably won't make any difference at all — only to the presentation of skins after they're added.

4: Menu can be hidden!26 Jul 2009 02:55 (26 Jul 2009 02:55)
menu can be hidden

5: Wikidot starting to show some real innovation25 Jul 2009 14:00 (25 Jul 2009 14:00)
As of late, and it's CEO pieterh have begun focusing more on the features that wikidotans want to see added to their service. In particular I refer to the Wikidot blog, and the post Giant Imaginary Robots that was posted on the 2nd of July.

6: Wikidot members can also create 'User Pages'24 Jul 2009 09:36 (24 Jul 2009 09:36)
Member Pages are no longer just for members, following a decision I have made to restrict membership. All website visitors that complete Step 1 of member registration will be able to use the site to it's full potential.

7: Large increase in visitors noted24 Jul 2009 04:41 (24 Jul 2009 04:41)
There seems to have been a significant increase in the number of visitors to the website over the past few days — in particular from Syracuse, New York, United States.

8: New blog style23 Jul 2009 13:51 (23 Jul 2009 13:51)
I've just upgraded the blog a bit, so that it looks a lot better visually than it did before.

9: Search box removed; new banner23 Jul 2009 12:53 (23 Jul 2009 12:53)
Minor update: the small search box at the top of every page has been removed.

10: CycloDS for DSi page updated22 Jul 2009 18:20 (22 Jul 2009 18:20)
As promised, I've created a blog post about this page. Because I consider it to be "major" news it is also posted to the news feed. Sorry to those that have subscribed to both :|

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