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This is a simplified view of the old blog, which will no longer be maintained. Instead, I will just use news feeds instead.

1: Small update for skin listings29 Sep 2009 03:44 (29 Sep 2009 03:44)
The ordering on the Skin Gallery page has been changed. Previously it was ordered by rating, but as people rarely use that feature I've instead ordered it so that the most recently added skins are up top of the list. I think this is a better way of doing things — let me know if you disagree.

2: Member Pages - redefined18 Sep 2009 07:05 (18 Sep 2009 07:05)
I'll be contacting everyone that has contributed to the website and asking them to create their own member pages shortly, with an explanation of how to do so. Firstly, I need to set up the proper permissions for that to happen.

3: A lot of changes due today14 Sep 2009 23:40 (14 Sep 2009 23:40)
A lot of changes are due to be implemented later today, and some have already been completed. If you have a look at any of the User Pages or choose a skin from the Skin Gallery, you'll notice that the layout of the pages have changed quite a bit from what they looked like yesterday.

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