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This is a simplified view of the old blog, which will no longer be maintained. Instead, I will just use news feeds instead.

31: CycloDS for DSi page updated22 Jul 2009 18:20 (22 Jul 2009 18:20)
As promised, I've created a blog post about this page. Because I consider it to be "major" news it is also posted to the news feed. Sorry to those that have subscribed to both :|

32: Update allowing file uploads caused a few display problems22 Jul 2009 16:43 (22 Jul 2009 16:43)
Today I created a news post about adding the ability to upload files to Member Pages: You can now upload files!

33: Skin category changes21 Jul 2009 08:54 (21 Jul 2009 08:54)
^^I just made a few minor changes to the list of tags:

  • The Characters category has been deleted
  • The Websites category has become the Technology category so that it's not as specific^^

34: New nav bar specifically for the blog21 Jul 2009 02:47 (21 Jul 2009 02:47)
I've just updated the navigational bar so that it changes when you're reading the blog.

35: Bugfix21 Jul 2009 01:34 (21 Jul 2009 01:34)
When I developed the skin system I added in the ability for me to post a note alongside a skin if it wasn't mine, so that I could make it clear who the real author was. That message was only appearing in the skin gallery, and not on the individual skin pages. I think I've fixed the issue now.

36: I lied! (REVOLUTION 2.0)21 Jul 2009 01:18 (21 Jul 2009 01:18)
Well, I seem to remember making a promise that I would blog as soon as I applied the updates. I also seem to have noticed that I didn't do that. Sorry :| In my defence, I created a new news article about it.

37: Moonshell 2 FAQ entry updated20 Jul 2009 14:22 (20 Jul 2009 14:22)
There were a few people on the TC forums saying that my Moonshell 2 guide was hard to follow.

38: New FAQ added20 Jul 2009 08:42 (20 Jul 2009 08:42)
A new FAQ has been added, titled Editing Pages at Cyclo Revolution.

39: Skin redevelopment nearing completion20 Jul 2009 07:53 (20 Jul 2009 07:53)
Following the recent blog posts about website development, I have another announcement to make.

40: Firmware update complete19 Jul 2009 10:57 (19 Jul 2009 10:57)
Following the previous post, I've done some more work on both the start page and firmware redevelopment. The firmware changes are now 100% complete and will be rolled out with the new homepage in 1-2 weeks.

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