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This is a simplified view of the old blog, which will no longer be maintained. Instead, I will just use news feeds instead.

41: Firmware redevelopment preview19 Jul 2009 06:20 (19 Jul 2009 06:20)
The redevelopment of the firmware system I mentioned in an earlier post is well on it's way to completion.

42: Rating module disabled19 Jul 2009 03:55 (19 Jul 2009 03:55)
I noticed today that none of the rating modules were working on the blog pages. I've fixed the problem and it should be working fine now.

43: Half-Blood Prince18 Jul 2009 16:04 (18 Jul 2009 16:04)
I just got home after watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I must say it's a good movie.

44: New homepage revealed18 Jul 2009 09:59 (18 Jul 2009 09:59)
It was only yesterday that I told you I was developing a new homepage for the website. Having done an extensive amount of work on it today I am able to show a preview of what it will look like.

45: So many posts, it's driving me crazy18 Jul 2009 04:58 (18 Jul 2009 04:58)
I'm logged onto the TC support forums, and have been all day. Everyone seems to be really active this weekend.

46: Jul 2009 10:00 (17 Jul 2009 10:00)
I'd like to recommend that you visit our affiliate:

47: Inspiration from Wikipedia17 Jul 2009 07:05 (17 Jul 2009 07:05)
A new home page for the website is in development, and unlike most other changes, this one will take a while to finish.

48: A new day17 Jul 2009 01:02 (17 Jul 2009 01:02)
Well, here I am again, trying to get into a habit with blogging here. If I don't do this now, I'll probably end up not posting for months and neglect the site as well - this keeps me coming back to and continually making improvements.

49: So, here we go...16 Jul 2009 15:10 (16 Jul 2009 15:10)
I knew I'd regret this… I can never think of anything interesting to put in here :)

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