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created: 26 Jul 2009 02:55
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menu can be hidden

It's the website visitors that count, because without them, this place would be absolutely useless. And for that reason I intend to listen to every suggestion made by you - the visitor :)

One such visitor named sevvered made a great suggestion earlier today! He says:

i find that the 'Useful Links' tab is pretty annoying… i only visited to check out the skins but, that tab slides down when i scroll and covers up the preview. pretty wasteful not to have an "X" or some kind of link to close it.

Now, this is a serious problem. If people can't access my website properly I want to know about it - and I want to fix it.

So, I announce a change to the menu appearing on every skin-related page in the website. It now has a link appearing above it that says Hide this menu :( and clicking on that link, well.. it hides the menu! When that is done, another link appears so that you can Bring it back!, in case you feel like you miss that ultra-handy box of links and categories…

By the way, the colour scheme is temporary.


If you decide to hide the menu, it seems to have a habit of appearing again as soon as you change the page. Maybe it misses you? Poor thing :/

The reason for this is because I currently know of no way to remember which state you left it in. I can imagine that it'd be fairly easy to do with cookies on a purely hand-coded website, but because this one is hosted by Wikidot I need to do a bit of research to find out whether or not it is possible.

I'll post here as soon as I know more.

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