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I've just upgraded the blog a bit, so that it looks a lot better visually than it did before.

The main difference is the calendar image with the post date appearing on it, but there are several other subtle changes such as the positioning of tags, and the fact that it now mentions my name as author.

In the future I'm considering asking for some help with the website, once it gets too big for me to manage on my own. That's when the mention of who's posting will be the most helpful (at the moment it's kind of pointless).

New calendar date

The style was actually adapted from another Wikidot blog, and I've even managed to trace it back to what seems like the original designer. The credit for the design goes to those two blogs.

Over the next few days I plan to duplicate the style on the post-specific pages (the pages with the comments underneath the post), but for now they'll remain as they are.

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