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I intend to create an application for managing skins. I know that many already exist, including this one by ste123 on the Team Cyclops forums — which is mainly the reason I'm doing this before anything else… so I have something to work from.

It's not going to be too spectacular, and probably won't include a preview of the skin… only changing the values of the XML file, so this will never be intended as a replacement for any tools that are already out there… just as a starting point to get me familiar with C++ a bit more.

If anyone is willing to give me a hand, it'd be great to have some people to ask for help when I get stuck on this ;-)

The main reason I'm posting this is an explanation for why I will be disappearing from the website for a while. Firmware updates will still come through, but for the most part I won't be making massive changes nor will I be creating any more skins until this is finished. At least, that's the plan. Then I can move onto more useful apps that the CycloDS community may need.

When I'm done, hopefully there will be some new Wikidot features for me to add that will benefit this website where it needs it the most ;)

I'll still be visiting Team Cyclops forums every few days, and Fattass forums from time-to-time.

— leiger

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