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Following the recent blog posts about website development, I have another announcement to make.

After hitting a few major obstacles today, I think I've managed to get past of them and almost have the new skin system operational. There's still a few things I need to work out in regards to uploading files to the website, and how I'm going to organise them, as well as a few minor page layout fixes to be done, but overall… its looking good.

Once this is complete I plan to make a few changes to the member's page, combining the member list with the 'Member Pages' feature that allows you to create your own pages. That'll create a few problems when one of the pages disappear, but that's just a matter of finding the dead links and fixing them up. I have tools to help me with that.

The final change will be with the homepage - the idea that started this whole redesign in the first place - so that it can incorporate the best of the new homebrew, skin and member page changes.

If there is anything in particular you want to be included in the update, speak up now before I start work on this again tomorrow. I can always slip in another feature or two (I'm ahead of schedule, so there's plenty of time)

When all of this is finally finished, I'll publish the changes to the main website for everyone to see. I'll probably have to take the website offline for 10 minutes when that happens, to prevent anything strange happening when people visit pages that are only half-updated, but will try to keep downtime to a minimum :)

Over and out.
~ leiger

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