Cheat Update: 26 July 2011

Posted by titen96 26 Jul 2011 05:11

Finally, we are able to update the cheat database once again. Hopefully this pack will include the cheats that many of you have been waiting for.

As the regular database that we use has not been updated recently, and is not likely to be updated any time soon, we have taken this pack from the CMP Cheat Database instead. Enjoy!

Sources: CMP Cheat Database, Codemasters Project, DS-Scene
Also, thanks to KougaMyazawaKougaMyazawa for informing us about this cheat pack!

Direct download from CycloDS Revolution

If there are any problems with this cheat file, as it is unofficial please report it in the comments below.

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26 Jul 2011 17:06

It works for me so far. Hehe

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29 Jul 2011 04:48

Okay, I've edited the page to include references to our source. It's only fair that they be recognised for compiling the cheat pack originally.

Except for once before, we here at Revolution usually do not compile our own cheat packs and instead re-host them from other websites for your convenience (so you can find cheats on the same website as all of your favourite skins, homebrew and firmware updates).

This one came from the CMP Cheat Database.

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29 Jul 2011 05:37

FINALLY! CHEATS! Not that I need them, but… :P

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