Cheat Update: 30 July 2011

Posted by KougaMyazawa 31 Jul 2011 02:22

Cheats have been updated once again on the CMP Cheat Database.

Download this update from CycloDS Revolution (3.88 MB)

Alternative mirror:

New Games Added:

  • Devil Survivor 2 (J)
  • Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo (J)
  • … and more?


  • New codes added for various old games

Credit: Buleste, Demonic722, DukeOdin, yab and Others

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31 Jul 2011 05:56

Oh man, I need to learn how to post properly /)_(

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31 Jul 2011 10:34

Don't worry about it :)

It's part of the back-end / hidden part of the website, so I haven't paid much attention to making it easy to use (compared to other areas, such as the homebrew listing).

So I'm not surprised you had some problems posting.

The main thing was, you posted the important parts (sources & the actual file), so it was easy for me to edit it from there.

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11 Aug 2011 09:33

thanks for updating the cheat list, appreciate your work ^_^

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