Firmware Updates


No firmware release located at CycloDS Revolution contains any virus or spyware, nor any other harmful content. This is the official firmware - unchanged - simply hosted on an alternative website. No unofficial firmware exists for the CycloDS.

The firmware on this page is the property of Team Cyclops. This website simply serves as a mirror for the files.

BETA firmware

Please note that you must use BETA software at your own risk. The BETA firmware builds may (and often will) have bugs and we can take no responsibility for any loss of data or other problems associated with using BETA firmware builds. Only proceed if you understand and accept the risks involved!

Please make sure that you have read and understood what is written above.

Firmware Mailing list

We rarely post announcements about firmware, so subscribing to those feeds will not give you that information.

However, we do offer a firmware mailing list for people that don't have the time to regularly check the Team Cyclops forums (or the homepage of this website) for an update. You can subscribe to this below:

As of 10th June 2010, there are 285 people subscribed to the firmware mailing list. The vast majority receive notifications for full and beta releases.

HTML: Emails are sent out using HTML, there is no Plain Text alternative. All this means is that if your email client doesn't support HTML, the email might look strange. However as most email clients do support HTML, this shouldn't be an issue.

Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. All emails are sent out with recipients listed in the "Bcc" field. This means that receivers of the email have no way of knowing who else the email was sent to, meaning that your email is not shared with anyone.

Released Firmware

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