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Can I play GBA games without a Slot-2 device? leiger
Can you play DSiWare games on the CycloDS Evolution? brodragon7
Cheats: Common Problems leiger
Convert a save file to CycloDS-compatible .sav format leiger
CycloDS Evolution - Please Read This First - Guide For Newcomers And Troubleshooting leiger
Dump your DS/GBA games leiger
Editing pages at CycloDS Revolution leiger
Email address is banned at TC forum! Help? titen96
Formatting? Defragmenting? leiger
GBA Flashcart Compatibility titen96
How do i Enable/Use Cheats in the new GUI? titen96
How to enable the Real Time Save feature titen96
How to start a game in Stealth Mode titen96
I cannot load GBA games into NOR memory on my 3-in-1+ titen96
Installing Moonshell 2 leiger
Is it dangerous to update to a beta? titen96
Is the Evolution compatible with the EZ Flash 3-in-1? leiger
Learn how to make skins leiger
Need help understanding config.xml ? leiger
Rearrange bookmarks in the new GUI leiger
Running firmware 1.55B4, GTA doesn't load leiger
Saves not working? Change your EZFlash 3-in-1 battery! leiger
Trimming Types - Safe and Aggressive leiger
Updating a cheat file titen96
Updating CycloDS Evolution firmware titen96
Uploading Skins at CycloDS Revolution leiger
Using your CycloDS Evolution for the first time leiger
What exactly will the iEvolution be able to access on DSi mode titen96
What is a .rts file? titen96
What is homebrew? titen96
What is Moonshell? titen96
What is that round usb device titen96
What is the CycloDS Evolution? titen96
Where do I buy a CycloDS from in USA? leiger
Where do I buy a CycloDS in Australia Krystik
Where do i put my Custom Skins? titen96
Which key shortcuts are supported by Cyclo DS Evolution when turning on the DS? atmb82
Will the iEvolution work with GBA titen96
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