Dump your DS/GBA games
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What does it mean if I "dump" my games, and why should I do it? How do I do it?


If you want your games to work 99% of the time, dump copies from your own carts1. You can even dump a copy of the save file, so that you don't need to start over at the beginning of the game again.

I recommend you look at these threads and choose the method that works best for you:

If you want to use the EZFlash V 3-in-1 Plus you will need to use this tool:


  • You are in control of making the backup, and can ensure it's done properly
  • The original cartridge can sit in the box and stay perfectly clean while you use the CycloDS instead
  • Get all of the benefits that a flash cart can provide, as well as knowing you're using a game you paid for
  • Dumping your own copies of games has been described as "the lesser of two evils" when compared to downloading roms from the Internet, and is the only legal way to use a flash cart in some countries (others ban the use of flash carts completely)


  • Dumping your game from the cartridge can take a while. While the 3-in-1 method is faster and easier to set up than the WiFi method, you will still spend a couple of hours dumping your entire collection (depending on number of games)
  • The WiFi method can be unreliable. If for some reason the connection is interrupted, you may be forced to restart the process

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