Formatting? Defragmenting?
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Defragmentation is a process in which a computer takes
a fragmented file and pieces it back to one file. Defragmenting
your files is an easy way to speed up your computer, and your MicroSd
Card. Since it is hard to do this manually there is a Windows program
called "Disk Defragmenter" that could be found in the System Utiities,
this is not a problem for the Mac. When Defragmenting you should not run
too many programs that use too much memory. Depending on your Computer's
speed the defragmentation might or might not take a while.


To start this off a fragmented file is either a large or small file(s)
that is broken up into many pieces, and those pieces are in many diffrent
parts in your Hard Drive but the computer makes it look like it's just one.
If a fragmented file is opened the computer has to find the other pieces
to be able to start up the main file. Because of this there might be a
delay for a program to start. That's where Defragmenting will help
Speed up your computer, it takes all of the Fragmented files and
Puts them together into one single file. Fragmented files might appear
again if you erase or uninstall a program since it doesen't ever delete
them completely.

How to properly Defragment a MicroSd Card

Defragmenting a MicroSd card is easy with the use of a Defragmenting tool,
it is simpler to defragment using windows by simply going to the "Disk Defragmenter"
and choosing your drive where your MicroSd card is located. With a Mac you need
a Freeware/Shareware Defragmenter to completely defragment files over 20mb.
If a MicroSd card gets corrupted you may need to run a disk check or format
the card.


Formatting is a way that a computer uses to write a diffrent file system,
you may already know a few of the such as NTSC, FAT, FAT16, or FAT32.
These formats are needed to use a computer or a MicroSd, usually for
storage, for example FAT32 is a format supported by all Hard Drives up
to 2 Terabytes. NTFS is the best choice but it is only used for Hard
Drives. Most Sd cards that need formatting will keep a small backup
file that can not be seen any way unless using a disk recovery utility,
most of the time when using this it will come up with a folder that
contains corrupt files that can be deleted.

Formatting your MicroSd card

Formatting your card is a simple process that is possible by
going to "My Computer" and right click on your MicroSd card bringing
up a small menu with a few iptions, you will see an option saying
"Format…" you Click it and it will bring up a menu showing you
options. It is recommended to use FAT32 when formatting, after that
keep all of the options untouched except for the "Volume Label"
if you want to change the name of the drive. It is not Recommended
to use "Quick Format" as it may leave a few corrupt files
, if you plan
on using it make sure you run a "Disk Check after that". After finishing
click start and it will begin. If you want to use a more advanced
formatter there is one from Panasonic
that you could use, there is also a pdf file with it that should
also be read.

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12 Nov 2010 18:50

It was always my understanding that defragmenting a SD card with a standard hard drive defragmenter is a bad idea because it is very hard on the SD card and could cause it to fail prematurely. The BEST way to effect a defrag on an SD is to copy everything from it to your computer, then format the SD and copy everything back from the PC to the SD.

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13 Nov 2010 02:06

yes, i agree with that too. i once tried defragmenting and everything screwed up, BIG time. ;)

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13 Nov 2010 03:00

if theres something missing or wrong from the faq why not add on to it?

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14 Nov 2010 20:54

Rayder, you can do it. :P

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15 Nov 2010 23:47

Hey Rayder, you're absolutely right. I've been meaning to look over this for a while but never got around to it.

All site members have permission to edit the page, so if you feel like improving it, go right ahead ;-)

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