Which key shortcuts are supported by Cyclo DS Evolution when turning on the DS?
Created: 13 Aug 2010 18:24 by atmb82atmb82
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Your CycloDS Evolution (and the Nintendo DS itself) support some shortcuts that you might find useful:

CycloDS shortcuts

Shortcut Description Where to use it
L+R Loads last used game/application While CycloDS is loading (green progress bar)
Down+B CycloDS Firmware Recovery utility (reverts to previous firmware if current firmware did not install correctly) Before CycloDS starts loading (before green progress bar)
Up Slot-2 Boot, a pop up with 2 buttons (NDS mode, GBA mode) will appear letting the user to choose which mode they want to boot from the Slot-2 While CycloDS is loading (green progress bar)
Start+Select Restore your CycloDS to factory settings While CycloDS is loading (green progress bar)

Nintendo DS shortcuts

Shortcut Description Where to use it
Start Boot to NDS firmware menu, even if auto-boot of Slot-1 or Slot-2 is enabled When turning Nintendo DS on
B Bypass Slot-1 cart and boot directly from Slot-2 When turning Nintendo DS on

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24 Aug 2010 09:52

Thanks! Useful FAQ :)

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07 Dec 2010 00:20

wow. i didn't even know there were shortcuts for the CycloDS Evolution. shows how smart i am. ;)

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18 Jun 2011 10:51

You're welcome ;D

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