1.56 BETA 5

CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.56 BETA 5

This is beta firmware, and may not be stable. Use with caution.

Previous firmware: 1.56 BETA 4

Next firmware: 1.56 BETA 6

Release date: December 16, 2009

CycloDS Evolution v1.56 BETA 5 firmware has been released for testing, and this time with a special new feature! Changes include:

  • Added Stealth Mode feature, fixes 4362, 4417, 4482, 4492 (see below)
  • Fixed problem with LCD brightness configuration
  • Other game compatibility fixes (DSi 0015, 4506)

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is a powerful new feature exclusive to CycloDS Evolution, targeted at defeating a new type of "anti-tamper" protection which has appeared in recent games. Previously the only way to defeat this protection was through complex software cracks, being extremely time consuming to create and entirely different for each game, meaning considerable delays for users given the likelihood of a proliferation of titles featuring this protection. CycloDS Evolution's automated solution provides a means for instantaneous playback of these titles without any need for the user to patch or alter the ROM files in any way.

Please note the following points with regards to Stealth Mode:

  • The Cyclo Evolution stealth code is still in development. As such we are releasing a BETA in order that we may obtain feedback and support our loyal user base with new functionality in advance of the final release. We trust that should you encounter any issues, feedback will be forthcoming through posts in our forums.
  • Stealth Mode is currently being optimised and tested for stability. The current BETA release in no way reflects the final performance of the feature and is presented purely to offer a glimpse of the advanced functionality which we strive hard to provide. In using the BETA Stealth Mode feature for playback of anti-tamper titles, performance may be slightly compromised due to the fact that the feature has yet to be completely optimised.
  • Stealth Mode is only required for games which feature the new anti-tamper protection scheme. CycloDS Evolution will automatically enable Stealth Mode for games known to feature the anti-tamper protection at the time of the last firmware release. Should new anti-tamper releases appear in between releases of the Cyclo Evolution firmware, stealth mode will require manual enabling by holding START while loading the game.
  • While a game is running in Stealth Mode the Enhanced Menu is disabled

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