CycloDS Evolution Firmware vB.0 (GUI BETA)

This is beta firmware, and may not be stable. Use with caution.

Previous firmware: 1.59 BETA 1

Next firmware: B.1 (GUI BETA)

Release date: 16 April 2010

This release marks the beginning of the evolution for our GUI. There has already been a large number of additions and changes, but we're not done yet. We intend to keep the new GUI in BETA for several weeks so that we may gather feedback from our users and continue to perfect it. As we expect the GUI to continue evolving, we need to make some changes to the way in which BETA firmware progresses to a stable release. From this point on, the BETA firmware line will not correspond directly to any stable firmware release. The BETA line will receive fixes and additions relating to the new GUI, as well as game compatibility fixes. When game compatibility fixes are confirmed to be working, we will do a stable firmware release including those fixes but retaining the old GUI. Essentially this means that the stable firmware line will only be receiving game compatibility fixes until such time as the new GUI is included in a stable firmware release.

Changes in this release include:

  • Pop-up menu added to game list for performing various operations on the currently selected item
  • Cheats codes are now managed on a per game basis through the pop-up menu
  • A bookmark system has been added. Any ROM (game/homebrew) or folder can be bookmarked, and bookmarks can be displayed in one of two possible modes. The first mode displays each bookmark as a square icon on the main menu, while the second mode displays the bookmarks in a list and is accessed through the moonshell icon. The modes can be toggled via the settings menu
  • Support for multiple save slots has been added, with the save slot selected through the pop-up menu
  • RTS file management has been moved to the pop-up menu
  • Basic file operations (copy/move/delete) have been added and are accessed through the pop-up menu. File operations can be globally disabled through a setting in the configuration XML file
  • The scrollbar now works correctly
  • Several settings which were previously only accessible from the configuration XML file can now be manipulated through the settings menu
  • Different "wallpapers" for the bottom screen can now be specified for the main menu, the game list and the cheat list
  • Built-in icons for folders, NDS games and GBA games can now be replaced with custom icons
  • Tweaks to touch screen operation
  • Game compatibility fixes (4341, 4716, 4723, 4726)4341 - Umihara Kawase Jun Second Edition Kanzenban (J)
    4716 - Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji Renshuu Kaiteiban (J)
    4723 - Otona no Renai Shousetsu DS - Harlequin Selection (J)
    4726 - Keroro RPG Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku (J)
  • Probably several other changes we've forgotten about wink.gif

Please see release-notes.txt included in the download for brief documentation. As stated above, the GUI will continue to evolve so we appreciate any feedback regarding proposed new features or tweaks, especially in the area of the skinning system. A few things we are already considering adding include a text file viewer (based on the ingame text viewer) and a ROM trimmer.

We'd like some feedback regarding the view modes for the file list. Currently the setup is rather messy, with 5 different view modes: filename + large icon, rom name + large icon, list view with small icon, recent + large icon, recent + small icon. We're looking for a more intuitive way to handle this; currently the idea is to have just three view modes (filename, rom name, recent) and then a toggle for large/small icons in the settings menu. What does everyone think of this? We're open to suggestions smile.gif

Download the BETA HERE
Also, we've provided an example skin which demonstrates how to take advantage of changes to the skinning system. You can download the skin HERE

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