CycloDS Evolution Firmware vB.4 (GUI BETA)

This is beta firmware, and may not be stable. Use with caution.

Previous firmware: 1.59 STABLE

Next firmware: 1.60 STABLE

Release date: 14 July 2010
  • Cheat GUI fixes
  • The cheat selection screen is displayed after enabling cheats for a game
  • Fixed copy/paste bug
  • Text viewer colours from skin also applied to in-game text viewer
  • Added <lockBrowseRootPath> setting to XML configuration file. When enabled, the browser will not be able to navigate to parent directories of the path specified in <browseRootPath>. When disabled, the browser will start at the root directory specified but will allow navigation to parent directories, as was the behaviour in previous firmware releases.
  • Item list dialogs (settings, context menu) now wrap to top/bottom
  • Added multiple save slot support for GBA games
  • Option to remove related files when deleting NDS game now also available from settings menu (was previously only available as XML setting)
  • Restored old cheat prompt behaviour
  • Restored old game list scrolling speed
  • Various small GUI bugs fixed
  • Game compatibility fixes (DSi 0058 DSi 0058: Toy Story 3 (E) )

For details on the new BETA firmware line, please see the original thread here.

Download the BETA using the "Download" tab, above.
Download the updated test skin here

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