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Name: Spinal
Website: http://spinal.dizidesigns.co.uk/alarm_ds.php

Other Information

Type: CycloDS homebrew
Categories: media-player reference


Created by Spinal.

I have tried to keep the functioning of this clock as close to a real alarm clock as possible. The operation is simple, while the clock is running, the screen lights will go out to save power. When you touch the touch screen, the light will come on. Touching the screen will also act as a 'snooze' button, and will dissable the alarm for ten (10) minutes.

The controls are as follows:

  • L + R - Set alarm mode
  • A (held) - Select minutes
  • B (held) - Select hours
  • Up - Increase time (While holding A or B)
  • Down - Decrease time (While holding A or B)
  • Start - Return to clock mode
  • Start - Enable/Dissable the alarm
  • Up/Down - Cycle digit colors
  • X - Cycle alarm type
  • Touch pad - Light on (for a few seconds) / snooze


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