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Name: Spinal
Website: http://spinalcode.co.uk/ds/diagnose/

Other Information

Type: CycloDS homebrew
Categories: maintenance


Created by Spinal

A while ago, I created a simple button tester so I could test the keyboard layout of a DS emulator. After sharing it with the DS community, some forum users had suggested that I add a couple of features and turn the simple button tester into a fully fledged diagnosis tool. Soon more and more people suggested feature that DiagnoSe should have and some of those features have been added. I have learned a lot from coding DiganoSe and have had fun doing it. I hope that some people find use for this application.

Features include testing:

  • Direction Pad and buttons
  • Touch screen accuracy
  • Wifi settings
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Screen lights
  • Motion card/pak (sold separately)
  • Rumble pak (sold separately)


  • Boot GBA game
  • Fix stuck pixels
  • Reset to card menu (supported cards only)
  • Power off DS
  • Set screen brightness (DS Lite only, not saved in firmware)
  • Battery monitor
  • Temperature monitor
  • GBA screen select (not saved in firmware)


This homebrew has only been verified to work in DS mode. It may not be compatible with the newer DSi mode.

Page information

Created by: leiger
Date Created: 12 Dec 2009 06:46
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2011 06:46
Modified by: leiger


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19 Nov 2010 13:29

I highly recommend using this program when buying a used DS or DSlite. It will easily let you confirm if all functions of the DS are working properly before you buy it. DiagnoSe is the best diagnostic tool for the DS available from the homebrew community. This is a must-have app and everyone reading this should already have this on their CycloDS.

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22 Nov 2010 03:51

I did have it on my CycloDS, but have since removed it after verifying that everything works correctly. Are you suggesting that people keep the app on their microSD card and re-test every couple of months?

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22 Nov 2010 04:03

No, but if you or a friend with a DS has some issue come up, or is buying a used DS, it's useful to have the app on hand to test with to diagnose any problems. It's not an everyday use type of app, nor will it be used very often (or ever), but it's good to have if you need it. The file hardly takes any space on a SD card (especially SDHC), so always having it available on a flashcart is as easy as tucking it away in a folder. Even a place like Gamestop would have to appreciate the use of a diagnostic tool before making a purchase.

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13 Feb 2020 15:44

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13 Feb 2020 15:48

nice thank you for downloading DiagnoSe Best website ever

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13 Feb 2020 19:06

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13 Feb 2020 19:07

thanks for the tipps

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17 Feb 2020 19:02

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