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Name: Troy Davis

Other Information

Type: CycloDS homebrew
Categories: emulation


Above link is dead

This is a port of Frodo, by Christian Bauer, with modifications for the Nintendo DS by Troy Davis (GPF). The source code is obtainable from

FrodoDS is an emulator for Commodore 64 games.


  1. Move your Commodore 64 disc images (.d64 and .c64) to a folder called /rd on the root of your microSD card.
  2. Run FrodoDS from the CycloDS Evolution menu and select the disc to mount on drive 8.


  • You can press the Right Trigger to tell FrodoDS to automatically type LOAD"*",8,1 and then RUN.
  • You might want to test the .d64 file on another version of Frodo first (not FrodoDS) to verify that the game is compatible.


  • Press SELECT to switch between port 1 and port 2 that the joystick is "plugged" into.
  • While playing games, the D-pad and A/B buttons are used as the joystick.
    • D-pad directions up/down/left/right
    • A button = Joystick fire button
    • B button = space key


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12 May 2010 15:34

APlus originally posted the link to this application on another page long ago, when CycloDS Revolution was just starting up.

To clean up the website a bit it was moved here and his name is no longer mentioned in the page history, so I'm posting this comment in acknowledgement that he was the first person to mention this app here. Thanks!

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