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Name: Wesley Hill

Other Information

Type: CycloDS homebrew
Categories: Games


A W.I.P Physics Demo

  • GRAVITY 0: Key ^: This will make 1 Munchi fly up and define gravity.
  • GRAVITY I: Key Release ^: This will make 1 Munchi return to his normal state.
  • PAUSE/FREEZE: Key [A]: This will make 1 or both Munchi's freeze/pause their position. you can pause one of them or both if you like.
  • UNPAUSE: Key [Stylus]: This makes Munchi move to a different location when you unpause one of them. You can use this when Munchi is continously rolling on the floor. (I don't know why he does this) :3
  • BLOWING INTO THE MICROPHONE: This will enable you to control Munchi's reation towards the microphone, works the same way as gravity but automatic.


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