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Type: Windows software
Categories: maintenance


Quote From GBATemp:

Through a collaboration between FileTrip, Urza, and developer Mazor, we are proud to bring you Project Scarlet: the first real homebrew manager for the Nintendo DS. Project Scarlet is a software front-end for Windows (OSX and Linux in development) which connects to the large file collection available at FileTrip, allowing you to download homebrew titles directly to your cart. With such functionality as automatic firmware updates, and a robust scripting language to extend the UI and assist in installation, Project Scarlet brings an new light to the homebrew experience!


  • Automatic cart detection
  • Detects outdated homebrew and firmware files
  • Search and category support to make finding new homebrew easy
  • Scripting language to build config file UI front-ends, in addition to perform custom installation options
  • Install emulators from options and launch NDS homebrew directly from Scarlet

This is a beta release, and thus bugs are expected. Please report any you come across via this thread or the FileTrip subforum.


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22 Aug 2010 13:42

Great Tool!

But I found one bug:
If I click Install and have no flashcard inserted in my computer the program crashes.

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22 Aug 2010 14:16

i think the bugs are supposed to be reported at

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