CycloDS Evolution Reference Manual (PDF)

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Name: Team Cyclops

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Type: PDF Document
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If you don't have a PDF reader installed, you can view it online.

Released 18th January 2010, this is the latest version of the official manual for CycloDS Evolution firmware.

It is a PDF file, so any platform with PDF reading software can use this file, including the Nintendo DS.

As the reference manual is based upon firmware release 1.56, any features added in a more recent release will not be mentioned in the document.

The main change from the previous version of the manual seems to be the mention of Moonshell v2.09 in the document (instead of v1.71).


This homebrew has only been verified to work in DS mode. It may not be compatible with the newer DSi mode.

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Created by: leiger
Date Created: 12 Oct 2010 04:05
Last Modified: 17 Oct 2010 05:11
Modified by: leiger


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