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Name: Battalia

Other Information

Type: Windows software
Categories: backup maintenance


GBATemp user Battalia created Rom Manager for CycloDS users, however a few of the features may also work for other flashcards.


  • Add and delete games from your microSD card
  • Backup saves
  • Update Firmware (reads and copies the archived file)
  • Point to a zipped file on your HDD, and it will extract the NDS file to your microSD card

The developer has been using and tweaking the program for the last couple of months and using it for their own personal use, but has decided that it is now time to release it for others to use.


  • Windows PC (or possibly Linux/MacOS via Mono)
  • The .NET framework 3.5 (SP1) is required

The application will automatically install the .NET framework if you don't have it, but it may be faster to manually download and install it first from Microsoft.

Most recent update:

- Added ability to copy cheat updates to cart
- Added support for Supercard DSTWO
- When selecting cheat or firmware from the menu, the program will automatically identify if a CycloDS or DSTWO archive is selected
- Changed minimum supported resolution from 1024x768 to 1024x600 for better netbook support
- Added menus across top of the page


This homebrew has only been verified to work in DS mode. It may not be compatible with the newer DSi mode.

Page information

Created by: leiger
Date Created: 12 Jan 2011 06:32
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2011 06:51
Modified by: leiger


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12 Jan 2011 06:54

Thanks for uploading this

"At first, this completely shocked me. Then I found a neat picture of a bunny and posted it at the top of the article. Hello there, bunny!"


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