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Name: Bob Bobson

Other Information

Type: Cross-platform
Categories: backup


Released right here, EXCLUSIVELY at CycloDS Revolution!

The Save Backup Tool is a very small, lightweight Java application that backs up your save files in a flash. Can be configured to work with both normal and alternative save modes on the CycloDS Evolution.

As this is a Java application, it is System Independent! Works on Windows AND Mac!

The creator of the Save Backup Tool is Bob BobsonBob Bobson.

This is a simple tool that I created to back up my saves to where I want them. It runs using the Java run time environment so it runs on everything from windows to Linux and everything in between.
All the instructions are supplied with the program.
This was intended and has been tested on the CycloDS Evolution, however it may work on other game carts if you turn off alternate save structure off.

If you use the software please give me (Bob Bobson) some acknowledgment somewhere and the licenses require you to have a copy of both of them if you release it to the public.

I will be releasing a new version soon with extra features :)


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This homebrew has only been verified to work in DS mode. It may not be compatible with the newer DSi mode.

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05 Jun 2011 18:27

poor bob your karma is empty

"At first, this completely shocked me. Then I found a neat picture of a bunny and posted it at the top of the article. Hello there, bunny!"


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