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Name: Evan Dixon
Website: http://saves.uniquegeeks.net/index/page.aspx?id=14

Other Information

Type: Windows software
Categories: maintenance


Save File Converter allows you to convert between a number of save file formats:

  • Action Replay DSi
  • Action Replay DS MAX
  • Action Replay Media Edition
  • Acekard 2
  • Acekard RPG
  • EZ Flash V
  • RAW Format
  • CycloDS
  • EGDE
  • M3 Simply
  • NinjaDS
  • R4
  • Supercard CF
  • Supercard DSONE
  • Supercard SD
  • Top Toy DS
  • M3 DS Real
  • G6 DS Real
  • DeSmuMe

System Requirements:

  • Net Framwork 2.0
  • Windows (Vista/7 recommended, XP may or may not work)

Credits (written by author):

  • evandixon, for making this tool
  • Matt140 for making the ARDSi/Media Edition convertion code, without which, I could not have the kind of ARDS MAX support I have now
  • Shuny at http://www.shunyweb.info/ for having the original save converter that inspired me to make this tool
  • Dimensional of GBAtemp for the screenshot included with this package


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Page information

Created by: titen96
Date Created: 25 Mar 2010 21:27
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2011 06:47
Modified by: leiger


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25 Mar 2010 21:30

where did you get that from?? life saver!!

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25 Mar 2010 21:34

you welcome i found it in one of leiger's faq and i uploaded the latest version here

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03 May 2011 23:59

how dose this work?
how do u download?

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04 May 2011 00:33

If you look on the right of the page, you can see the list of "Available versions", and download the latest one:

  • click on "Download v1.9"

Does that help?

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21 Jan 2012 00:17


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21 Jan 2012 00:18

What are you posting those here for?

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09 Nov 2012 10:37

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07 May 2015 11:57

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