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Name: agentq

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Type: CycloDS homebrew
Categories: emulation



What is ScummVM DS?

ScummVM DS is a part of the ScummVM project. The ScummVM project is an attempt to re-engineer many classic point and click adventure games of the 80s and 90s to run on modern computer hardware. Technology has changed a lot since these games were written, and so ScummVM attempts to replicate the gameplay of the original games in exacting details, without any of the original code that the game ran on. ScummVM needs a copy of the original game, in order to take the graphics, sound, and scripts that made the game work. ScummVM is written in such a way that it can be 'ported' from one type of machine to another, and ScummVM DS is a port of ScummVM to the Nintendo DS handheld games console.

Most of the games have a copyright on them and should be bought in a store or via a website.


  • Alows you to play many 80s and 90s era point and click adventure games on your Nintendo DS!
  • The games play with full sound and save/load facilities, and most run at full speed, exactly as you remember them.
  • Hugely customisable controls which made great use of the Nintendo DS touch screen


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12 May 2010 15:35

APlus originally posted the link to this application on another page long ago, when CycloDS Revolution was just starting up.

To clean up the website a bit it was moved here and his name is no longer mentioned in the page history, so I'm posting this comment in acknowledgement that he was the first person to mention this app here. Thanks!

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