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A few days ago I mentioned plans to run a Skin Competition. The competition will still be going ahead, but will be pushed back to at least the 10th of August. More details below…

Start date: 10th August or later
Running time: Most likely a fortnight, maximum 1 month
Method of entry: Simply submit a skin during the competition period, nothing else needs to be done

Winning the competition:

  • From the list of skins submitted during the competition period, the one with the highest rating at end of competition will win
  • There will be only one winner
  • A prize is planned1 worth between $ 25-50 US Dollars ($ 30-60 Australian Dollars, £ 15-30 British Pounds)


  • No limitations to the number of skins, enter as many times as you like
  • There will be a theme announced at the beginning of the competition. Only skins matching that theme are eligible

What you need to do now:

  1. Register a Wikidot account using the 'create account' link at the top of this page
  2. Start coming up with some ideas for a great skin!
  3. Please promote this competition! The more entries that there are, the higher quality the skins are likely to be!

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