August Skin Competition

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Cyclo Revolution's first ever skin competition.

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Codename: Rainbow

This is the first competition to be run at Revolution, and I hope that it will be the first of many. Entry is by submitting a new skin to the website using the entry button on this page. There is specific entry criteria for the competition, meaning that you can't just make a skin about anything you want — otherwise it might not be accepted ;)

The name for this competition is Codename: Rainbow

Start date: Now!
Duration: 3 weeks
End date: August 30 at 23:59 (GMT+9:30)

The winner will be decided by my vote, based on whether it meets the criteria and how well the skin is put together. Originally the idea was to have this done by popular vote, but that isn't really a viable option at the moment. (Changed conditions)

You will need a Wikidot account to vote. Create one now

Entry criteria: Skins must meet the conditions of entry (see below)
Prizes: One winner will receive a gift voucher to an online T-shirt store based in the UK (they post worldwide)
Runner-up prizes: None planned, but if you're willing to donate, please contact me! Send a message to leiger

How do I enter?

Step 1 — Understand the conditions of entry

Details about this can be found here. After reading that, you can start making your skin!

Step 2 — Make sure you are able to upload skins

You will need a Wikidot account to enter the competition. Create one now

Step 3 — Submit your skin on this page

If you need help adding your skin or a screenshot, you can ask for help by posting a comment on this page.

Add your skins here (multiple entries allowed, but simple colour changes should be grouped as just one skin):

The competition has closed.

Entries will be judged shortly and the winner will be announced

Conditions of Entry

Prohibited content

Any skins found to have the following will not be accepted:

  • Any illegal content
  • Copyrighted content without giving credit in the skin description

Explicit content will be allowed, within reason. It is the sole discretion of the Site Admin to decide whether your skin is too explicit, although all input from site visitors will be listened to and may result in a change of decision.

What your skin must contain

Codename: Rainbow is the name of this competition for a very trivial reason… a rainbow contains several colours1 (the whole visible spectrum, in fact) and your skin needs to have several colours as well.

Colours: Must use at least five (5) distinctly different colours (Changed conditions)

Previous skins: Any skins that you have made before this date are fine, as long as they meet the above criteria or are modified to meet the above criteria. However it'd be a lot better if you made a new one! :)

List of entries

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