August Comp Winners Announced!

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Let me jog your memory a bit… I'm talking about this competition that was launched about a month ago today. After careful consideration with the following four categories, I narrowed the list down to two competing skins from different authors. The categories that were looked at were:

  • Does it work? If I put it onto the CycloDS and it messes up, that's a problem.
  • Graphics Quality is important. All but three of the entries got a 7/10 or higher for this section.
  • Creativity… points awarded to those that put the most effort into their submission. And if you referenced the source of the images you stole, that gave you bonus points :P
  • Bottom screen — is it readable? This is a big issue, and one of the major feature requests for the new GUI relates to the problem that most backgrounds don't blend in with the file list properly. Only five of the twelve entries had 7.5 or higher out of 10 for this.

So, if you're following me here, you've probably already guessed that the total was out of 40. The "worst" skins, which I won't name, had at least 24 points. The best two skins netted a total of 33 points each.

So, enough rambling. Which were the two finalists?

And from those, I eventually chose the sole winner. As there can be only one.

So, the winner will be contacted early tomorrow with regards to their prize. The quality of some of these submissions was amazing, especially those two mentioned above. Another noteworthy skin is Top Gear. It's sleek, and sleek is good ;)


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