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As the EvoTools currently (2010-May-12) bug out and crash on a few specific games, effectively blocking online updates, here's the way to go for having up to date online cheats without manually typing everything in.

First, you need the Action Replay Code Manager software. I used the EU version, but it should not make a difference.
Install it.

After starting them, ignore the left side ("Waiting for DS"), instead focus on the right.

In the top box, labeled "Subscriptions", you'll find the databases for all EU, US and JP cheats.
In the bottom box, labeled "My Codelists", create a new codelist, give it any name you like.
Now drag and drop all the cheats you want from the top box to the bottom box.

Warning: The Code Manager has a memory leak, after adding about 50 games memory (RAM) usage will be at around 1,5 Gigabytes! You can always restart the manager though and keep working where you left off, nothing lost.

Once you are done, close the Code Manager and launch the EvoTools CheatEditor.
Select File -> Import.
Navigate to your Documents folder, then to Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists\
In this directory, you will find one .xml file per codelist you created.
Import as many as you like.

Now select File | Save as… and save the new database as user.evoCheats, into a directory where you will find it later on ;)

Now copy the user.evoCheats to the CycloDS folder on your SD card and you're all set with using the latest cheats for the games you own.

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12 May 2010 13:39

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