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postComment: "I'm using cycloDSevolution on a DSLite. I've been all over the faqs and soforth and i can't get realtime save to work. I went into settings and changed the save mode from normal to alternate or however it's worded, held select and nothing happens. Going into options ingame Text reader, Cheat codes, and both Realtime Save/Load are all just grayed out, all i can do is change the slomo rate and brightness.\n\nI've spent afew hours downloading several different versions of the firmware. Now i've noticed that V2.00 and on(i don't know about the betas, i didn't try any of them) has alot more options in the settings menu from the boot page(the 3rd icon on the right, not accessed from ingame) but that's where i can no longer use RTS. Anything prior to V2.0 does allow for rts(i only used 2 games for testing this)but, with chrono trigger it took the save and i was able to load afterwards, but with the same preV2.0 firmwares, when you go through the first timegate you just sit there endlessly and never come out the other side. Megaman Zero Collections, however, I can get to to the settings menu from ingame, but when i try to use save it just says saving or whatever and it stays that way forever, presumably frozen. Anyone else have this problem, or know why i'm having this problem, or have a fix or alternate solution? (i know i'm terribly longwinded, i just wanted to make sure i gave as much info as possible so i have a better chance of getting a helpful answer(if i get one at all) and i'm sorry if this doesn't belong here, i'm too tired from trying to find out on my own to read the rules about posting here)"
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