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postComment: "I have a suggested workaround for the EZFlash 4/CycloDS compatability.\nAs mentioned by Rayder, the slot-2 booting has issues. Often it just goes to a white screen, or a black screen, when you try to load from Slot2 in NDS mode.\nThere are 2 things I can offer up to help people - a way of guaranteeing successful booting in NDS mode, and a warning to people with the Cyclo/EZ4 combo.\n\nFirstly, I have found a way of getting the EZFlash 4 to boot up in NDS mode every time. I don't know why this works, but it does.\nStep 1: With CycloDS in Slot1 and EZF4 in Slot2, turn on your DS\nStep 2: go to the settings/options for CycloDS, go down the bottom, set GBA Support to \"Disabled\", return to the menu, and turn off the DS.\nStep 3: Turn it back on, go to the menu, set GBA Support to Enabled, then at the top of the menu choose to load from Slot2 in NDS mode.\n\nSecondly, a warning. I strongly recommend you leave GBA Support DISABLED whenever possible.\nThe CycloDS supports running .gba files in the CycloDS's normal menu system (allowing you to choose a .gba file on your CycloDS's microSD card, rather than having to boot into your slot2 device and run it from there).\nIt does this by \"silently\" copying that program onto the temporary flash space of the Slot-2 card, and silently booting into the slo2 device and into that program.\n\nHowever, this support is optimised for the EZFlash 3-in-1, not the EZFlash 4.\nIf you run a .gba file on yuor CycloDS while an EZFlash 4 is plugged in, the CycloDS will silently overwrite and corrupt the NDS portion of your EZFlash 4's firmware, requiring you to reflash your EZFlash 4.\nSo don't do it!\nIf you try to run a .gba file on your CycloDS through the menu, it wi\n\n The CycloDS \"supports\" GBA-support programs in a very specific way that is optimised for the EZFlash 3-in-1."
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