Re: Nintendo slashes price on 3DS console, offers existing owners 20 free games

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postComment: "@Anonymous: I wouldn't exactly consider the CycloDS Evolution to be \"worthless\", if it works with the older hardware. Many people still use those devices, so it is useful to them.\n\nHowever in the case of the Nintendo 3DS, no flashcard is compatible with the system at the moment. One came close and was going to be released in early 2011, but that ended up failing and we're 1.5 years after that point with no solution available.\n\nThe way 3DS is going, flashcards may not even be needed any more. The 3DS system actually has a half-decent UI. Finally, Nintendo released quality software alongside their handheld offering.\n\nAlso, many future games may actually be downloadable directly from the store in addition to being available on a card in physical stores. They essentially hinted at that this year at E3. That'd directly address the issue with carrying so many damn game cards around, if the games were actually stored on your console instead.\n\nEver since buying a 3DS (soon after launch), I haven't even had a need for a flashcard."
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