CycloDS Reviews

Quick summary


  • Simple, easy-to-use DS homebrew solution
  • Compatible with backups of all retail games
  • Stand-alone hardware; only requires a Nintendo DS
  • Fits in Slot-1 easily
  • Size and shape very similar to a retail DS cartridge
  • Supports MicroSD (up to 4GB) and MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) cards
  • Package includes USB MicroSD(HC) reader that can be used with your computer
  • Simple drag-and-drop files onto the card using Windows or Linux
  • Supports GBA backups and homebrew with expansion pack
  • Supports the official Opera Browser for NDS with the use of an expansion pack
  • Supports rumble packs
  • Enhanced in-game menu with soft-reset, slow motion, cheats
  • Real Time Save and Real Time Load feature for DS games (Slot 1)
  • The best Nintendo DS flash cart on the market
  • Regular firmware updates from Team Cyclops


  • One of the most expensive flash carts (due to an extensive list of features)
  • MicroSD(HC) is not spring-loaded, which can lead to difficulty taking it out of the CycloDS

External reviews

Please note

Due to regular updates by Team Cyclops, many of these reviews are out of date. To check compatibililty of games and/or feature availability, I highly recommend that you register at the Support forums and ask questions there before deciding whether or not you will buy the CycloDS Evolution.

Hardware comparison

  • Hardware version 1.0 was released June 2007.
    • Cartridges are white only
  • Hardware version 1.1 was released at a later date.
    • Cartridges are black or white

To determine which hardware version you are using, follow these instructions.

Review listing

Written Updated Author Review
2007 - December 10 2009 - April 19 Product Wiki Read the review
2007 - June 21 2008 - August 26 Guyfawkes, update by Emuholic Read the review
2007 - July 18 2008 - February 26 bandit Read the review
2007 - August 21 N/A Triforce, Homie Read the review
2007 - Mid-June N/A Brakken Read the review
Unknown N/A Read the review
I also recommend checking out this comprehensive list on the Team Cyclops forums.
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