Name a screenshot `preview` and it will appear here


Author Zackraa
Uploaded 08 Mar 2011 21:11
Edited 11 Mar 2011 07:42


I made this as a request for a friend.


This skin was designed for version 2 of the CycloDS Evolution GUI. It is compatible with all versions of the firmware, but we strongly recommend that you use Firmware v2.0 (or later) to see the skin's full potential.


Replies to Eva-01

09 Mar 2011 01:24

Hey Zackraa! In order for your preview to work, you need to rename you pic called "preview.png" to just "preview", otherwise it won't work.

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11 Mar 2011 07:41

Aha thank you!

My previous skin preview seemed to work just fine when uploaded though.

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30 Apr 2011 21:40

I'm changing that behaviour soon - so that any filename will work.

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