Yuuta Counterpart
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Yuuta Counterpart

Author Tetrajak
Uploaded 17 Dec 2009 18:24
Edited 13 Jan 2010 02:52


This skin was created for personal use to match the decal stickers I have on my NDSL, but I figured I'd upload it and ask you guys (and girls) what you think.

Check it out, the decal skin I got looks like this;
I mean exactly like it. The holes and the coverage are exactly as it appears, despite being a photoshopped image. Gelaskins are quality, and there are a lot to choose from. Eh, you can read more about them by googling them.

Tested this out on my DS, the edges align with the artwork satisfactorily. I suppose it wont make much sense to anyone without the decal on their DS. I suppose the blurred edges are going to be hella confusing to said same people.

Ah well, it works. It's a hell of a lot of yellow on one DS at a time though.

If you're interested in the artist, you can check out more of her stuff here;
She also has a dA page full of some less weird stuff, but you'll have to bother to find that through her site for yourselves.

Anywho, lemme know what you think of this particular skin.


This skin was designed for version 1 of the CycloDS Evolution GUI. It is compatible with all versions of the firmware.


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