Zelda - 25th Anniversary
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Zelda - 25th Anniversary

Author fingerz
Uploaded 27 Feb 2011 21:10
Edited 27 Feb 2011 21:13


Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you my skin, dedicated to the epic artwork created for "The Legend of Zelda's" 25th Anniversary! These pictures came from a massive collage of Zelda characters, and sadly I was only able to add in a small sample of what's there. I tried to choose the most epic parts from the collage, and this is the outcome! You can check out the whole picture here. Enjoy!


This skin was designed for version 2 of the CycloDS Evolution GUI. It is compatible with all versions of the firmware, but we strongly recommend that you use Firmware v2.0 (or later) to see the skin's full potential.


Replies to Zelda - 25th Anniversary

28 Feb 2011 13:29

Looks great!

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28 Feb 2011 20:54

Well, that's good. I was hoping it would. :P

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28 Feb 2011 23:36

nice, a little busy but nice.

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28 Feb 2011 23:38

Hahaha. It looks it, but just wait 'til you stick that on your DS. :D

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