Dumb newbie question but.... DSL to DSiXL

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07 May 2011 11:20

Okay, so I'm new to this but I've had my Cyclo DS for about 4 years in my NDSL. I just upgraded to a DSiXL and the card isn't recognised. Is there a firmware upgrade to enable it or do I need a new card? I've only ever used it for games before but I'm guessing it's not much different to a driver upgrade on other hardware???


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07 May 2011 15:22

You need a new flash cart. The Cyclods Evolution does not work on the DSI or the DSIXL. You need to get the Cyclods IEvolution.

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08 May 2011 03:27

Unfortunately, you'll need a new flashcard.

The iEvolution is compatible with DSi consoles and is designed to be future-proof against DSi firmware updates as you can upgrade the bootstrap.

It also works on the 3DS at the moment (though it is only recognised as a DS lite game in that console, DSi mode doesn't work, last I heard).

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