A few Questions before i get DS+CycloDS

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27 May 2011 15:26

Hi there! so im finally getting a Ds lite next week and its coming with a CycloDS :)

Im just wondering about a few things, can i play GBA games with just the CycloDS? i here some bs about EZ flash 3 in one thing, do i need that?

Also should i update to the latest ver firmware? or is there a better stable early ver

Also what are some of the better game titles that have probs and need patching or dont work at all?

Will Compatibility list be up soon?

Thanks, very much appreciate info

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27 May 2011 21:08

Well. The compatibility list is still in progress, as far as how compatible the cyclods is, its very very good. Its very unlikly that a game will not work, but this can depend on the access time on your microsd sometimes. You will need the EZ 3-in-1 flash to play gba games, the games wont have support for an action replay/game shark or any hex based codes. I believe the very current firmware is said to have a issue but you could always go to the beta one right before it, I didnt hear issues from it. Getting a cyclods and a ds lite will be one of your better choices. You wont be disappointed.

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27 May 2011 21:12

What about a dsi and an ievolution?

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29 May 2011 03:46

You will certainly need an EZFlash 3-in-1 if you wish to play *.gba file on your CycloDS.

This is due to the Nintendo DS only allowing you to load GBA games from slot 2, so CycloDS sends the game to the EZFlash, which then loads it.

As for the firmware… here is the full list. The latest "stable" release is 2.30, and I'd suggest going with that. If you have any issues, you can always try reverting back to 2.20 instead.

The compatibility list is currently offline as you noticed. Not sure when I'll have time to complete that - I've got to edit about 6000 pages. Ran a script to do this about a week and a half ago, and have done about 2000 so far - so I'll need to find a spare couple of hours to do the rest.

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