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01 Jun 2011 16:03

I've made a few changes to how the homebrew system works. The major benefit of this is that you can now properly submit games to the list.

Here's the game section, located just below the regular homebrew list:

There is a new section for games on the homebrew page!

Additionally, you might have noticed that the new section has it's own form. In case you accidentally create homebrew in the wrong form, and wish to change whether it is treated as a game or not, you can do this on the page:

If you add a game into the wrong section and want to move it, use this option.

You must be registered and signed in to see that red rectangle. Then just look at the top-right corner of any homebrew page (e.g. World of Sand).

Edit (2011-06-03): I've removed the "What's next?" section as I have decided on a set of tags already myself. If you didn't see it before I removed it… you're not missing anything. Or are you? You'll never know now. ;-)

Edit (2011-06-06): New option at the top of homebrew pages for managing this setting, as well as the ability to control whether something is listed as verified or not!

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