A dumb question about saves and saves backup

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15 Aug 2011 02:08

Well, I was playing #0820 (dumped from my original cart, that is still "virgin" about saving). As my sister is enjoying the game too (we actually were playing together, sharing the same DS. Weird but we were doing it), I tried to backup my save using DS Organize to create a copy for me and another for her, and these copies should be moved through the directories via DS Organize each time each of us went to play.

(in time: this was the method I used in most the games I've played on other older flashcarts, such as now defunct R4 and M3. In these older carts, used to work without major issues).

BUT…what happened is that the save file became unreadable. The game now shows "New Game" instead of "Continue".

So, I ask: is possible to backup a CycloDS Evolution .SAV file using only in-DS methods? (as DSOrganize)

I tried to made another backups using my computer and everything went fine: the . SAV file is totally readable. But if I try to backup using DSOrganize, the .SAV file becomes unreadable. Actually, even if I put a healthy .SAV in a separate directory in the card (by computer), and use DSOrganize to just copy this healthy .SAV to the directory of the game, the corruption occurs.

I am at the moment learning how to use the several slots of save and the "Normal/Alternative" save thing (I never used, I confess I was afraid of messing things up), but I would really enjoy if were possible to move these saves to safe directories according my will, and doing this usin an in-DS solution.

Help, anyone?


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15 Aug 2011 03:28

What version of DSOrganizer are you using? I think that the latest one corrupted files, have you tried ifile? Here's a link since i cant upload it right now

And if you want to use more than one save slot i thnk it just creates more than one save which i think are named the same as the rom file but with a number in front of it indicating the slot that was used (anybody correct me if im wrong since my cyclods is broken)

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15 Aug 2011 19:02

If Im not mistaken, the current firmware allows you to create up to 10 total save slots for a single game. You both could just enable that and have a save slot each. Using the dual save thing "Alternative" is not bad, you first save will be called "gamename.sav" and the second will be "gamename.sav1 or gamename1.sav" I forget which, its quite simple. When you boot the game just select the save before hand by pressing (Y). If at any point you decided to delete the first save, it will just make a new save if you use that slot again, and you can rename the 2nd-10th save files to change their slot numbers as well.

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