Cyclo DS problem

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06 Jan 2012 20:28

Hello. I recieved my CycloDS in November. To make a long story short, after attempting to start the CycloDS a number of times, I figured it was broken, since it didnt detect the mini SD card. I peeked inside (without opening it of course), curious to see if the problem was visible, and it was! Apparently, in its travels to me, or perhaps before it was even sent out, the inside of the CycloDS was damaged. The metal prongs on the inside that are supposed to be touched by the mini SD broken/bent. Now, onto the real issue. I've been trying to contact the seller (chipspain) for quite some time now, and to no avail. I've tried calling the number on the website and sending e-mails for the past 3 months. Now, you only have 15 days to contact the seller about an item to send it back, but it's been way over that, and I'm worried I can't do anything about it now. Can someone please give me a different means of contact, or perhaps tell me a way I can get reimbursed/ switched? Thank you kindly.

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