CycloDS iEVO OpenSource, Let Us Demand United!

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10 Jul 2012 16:28


The GBAtemp community is currently asking Team Cyclops to make the iEvo open-source.
Here is the message :
"This coming Sept. 30th, 2012, the CycloDS domain will expire. It is anyone's guess what will become of the site, but based on their track record it is more than likely that we will lose it forever.

The iEVO is a pretty good DS-Mode flash kit with potential for DSi-Mode Homebrew. Some DS Homebrew developers have expressed an interest in updating, fixing, and adjusting the iEVO code. However, for that to happen the sources would need to be released, either to a private developer as as opensource code.

Before all contact with the CycloDS team is lost, why not make an effort to obtain the sources? Perhaps consider registering at their forum and making a few threads, or perhaps take a moment to drop them an e-mails requesting that the sources be released into competent hands.

Team Cyclops left us with a promise to support their card, right before they disappeared for more than a year. They took with them thousands of dollars in iEVO sales from unsuspecting gamers who anticipated future updates. As consumers of their products we must take a stand and demand the source code or watch as the CycloDS iEVO becomes another DS-X."

If you want to help us, see this topic on GBAtemp :

I hope you will not see this as an ad for GBAtemp, I just want you to know about this.

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10 Jul 2012 23:43

I hope you will not see this as an ad for GBAtemp, I just want you to know about this.

I have no objections about the post :)

Team Cyclops releasing the source code, or actually supporting their products for another year or two, would make a lot of people happy and change public perception of the team a bit.

Until the domain goes offline, I'd like to remain optimistic. After that point, it's unlikely that we'll hear from the team again.

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11 Jul 2012 16:42

It's worth doing what you can before it becomes impossible, certainly.



13 Jul 2012 16:51

really hope teamcyclops sees it,

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