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21 Jul 2017 22:28

I just got a DS Lite yesterday and purchased a Sandisk 16gb micro sdhc card and played a couple backup games and all worked just fine. I turned it on today and now everytime I boot up the CycloDS program, I get a message that says:

"There has been a save memory related error. ROM save memory support is disabled for this session. Please see the CycloDS website for more information. Error code: 5"

I can hit ok, then play my game just fine, however, it doesn't save any records, beaten levels or anything.

I removed everything from the card, formatted it, popped it back in and it still says the same thing. Is there an issue with some settings, or did my SD card just essentially die overnight with barely any miles on it?

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02 Aug 2017 06:39

Hello Matt300ZXT,

Sorry for the delay, I don't check this as often as I used to.

If you were able to add/remove files from the microSD card on your computer, I would assume that it's still operational.

Some common things to try:
- Make sure the physical switch on side of the microSD card isn't set in read-only mode
- Try wiping and re-installing the CycloDS firmware onto the microSD card (copy your save files off first, in case you have an opportunity to restore them later)

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